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The University City of Cambridge

Cambridge - so named as it was the place where there was a bridge over the river Cam, is famous for its University, one of the most prestiguous universities in the UK and indeed the world. It was established as a centre of learning in 1284 when Peterhouse College was founded.
Over the centuries more colleges have been added so that there are now 31 altogether. The oldest colleges were built alongside the River Cam, which provided them with many amenities including the importing of food etc from the surrounding areas and abroad. Later, the Cam became a leisure facility, for punting and rowing.
The river of course supplies a superb foreground for so many photographs of the 'backs' of the magnificent and varied architechture of the different colleges. Amazingly, the centre of Cambridge has managed to keep its rural feel. Even now, in the 21st century it is not at all unusual to see cows grazing the meadow on the opposite side of the Cam from the beautifully manicured lawns of Kings College.

This web site is not the place to tell you about the many delights of this lovely city, you just have to come and see and feel it for yourself. Guided tours can be arranged, you can explore by yourself, or you can tour around on an open top double decker bus.

The pictures on this page, by kind permission of the Cambridge photographer Andrew Pearce give just a taste of what awaits you.

For more pictures of Cambridge have a look at Andrew's website